Anthony’s Goal

Anthony Gaalaas
Over the years as a Financial Planner, Mortgage Consultant, and Real Estate Investor, I learned a lot to help myself and others get a head financially, but I quickly realized there was one important element I’d been missing – the knowledge in understanding the rules of the “Credit Game” and how my Credit Score & Credit Profile drastically affects my overall financial picture. Unfortunately, they don’t teach us these things in high school or college and there’s NO handbook either!

Whether or not you agree with the “Rules” by which we play, there are several reasons why you need to learn how to play this game or you will be left behind with the general public by remaining ignorant of the fact that you can “WIN” and have a successful future!

After talking with thousands of people about their personal Credit Profile I came to realize that there’s a huge need to get this message out there! So, I started a company with the main GOAL to educate everyone, starting with YOU!!! Whether you are a consumer or business owner; stay at home mom or CEO; first time home buyer or master investor; young or old; married or single; I want to equip you with this knowledge so you can improve the path you’re on. Regardless of your situation, I want you to succeed at whatever credit related challenges you are dealing with and change your financial future forever!

Don’t be just another victim of a broken system! Schedule your FREE Phone Consultation today and learn how to protect your best asset… your Credit Score & Credit Profile!

– Anthony