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Some of the services include:

Real Estate – Purchase, Refinance, Foreclosure, Landlord/Tenant

Consumer Finance – Collections, Warranties, Guarantees, and Other Contract

Family Law – Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody

Estate Planning – Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney

Traffic Issues – Moving Violations, Accidents


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I’ve had this service for 8 years now and LOVE it!!!  Just to share a couple of my stories:

Property Lien

As a Real Estate investor, I bought a lot to build a house on and then sell.  Once the house was built and listed I had an offer and accepted, but during the process the title company found a $650.00 lien on the property.  When I bought the lot there was no liens, so how could this be.  The lien was filed by the city because the owner I bought the lot from let the weeds & grass grow high and the city came and cut it down and sent him the bill which of course he didn’t pay and so after I had bought it, that’s when the lien went on.

I called the previous owner and he told me he paid it and would find his receipt and copy of the check he wrote and send me copies.  He never did and never took my calls or responded to my emails.  I had no choice but to pay the liens or else the sale would not be able to go through.  I was furious with this guy, but knew I couldn’t get my money without legal action.  I called our Attorney’s office and I faxed them the copy of the lien and my receipt for paying it.  So, they wrote a nasty letter to this guy and within a couple of days, I got a phone call from his receptionist and she said she had a check for $650.00 and needed my address to mail it to me.

Medical Bill

A month after our 2nd child was born we got a bill from the hospital.  One of the charges was $20.00 for Neosporin.  Well, let me tell you what happened… they accidently nicked our baby with a scalpel and put a dab of Neosporin on it.  It was no big deal and the mark was gone in 2 days.  When I got the bill, I was shocked that they had the nerve to try and charge us for something that was their fault and to charge so much for just a dab.  For $20.00 I could buy a case of Neosporin.

Well, I called our Attorney’s office and I faxed them the bill to review and they found other charges for shots that our baby never received.  So, they wrote a nasty letter to the hospital disputing the charges and within a week, we got a letter of apology from the hospital and they had removed over $350.00 off the bill.

Without this membership I would never have gotten the success I did or if I did I would have had to spend about $1,000.00 in Attorney’s fee which wouldn’t have been worth it.  Not only did they save me money, the savings has paid for my service for the last 4 years!  It’s like getting the service for free!!!