Lesson #1: Why Credit Monitoring Is So IMPORTANT!!!



PROTECT one of your most VALUABLE tools to Leverage WEALTHYour Credit Profile & Scores!


The BEST way to PROTECT one of your most VALUABLE tools to Leverage WEALTH is with a 24/7 Credit Monitoring Service.  And with so many cases of Fraud, Identity Theft, and Data Breaches in the news lately, YOU ARE CRAZY!!! if you don’t use a 24/7 Credit Monitoring Service.  This is the first thing I advise ALL of my clients to have, but I must WARN you, they are NOT all the same.

As an expert, being in this field for over 13+ years now, I have enrolled myself in almost ALL of them on the market from the free ones, like Credit Karma to the most expensive & convincing, like LifeLock to test and approve the best one to provide the best service and the best price for my clients.  But you have to be so careful because radio & tv ads can be very misleading and some are under FTC investigation and have been sued for deceptive business practices up to $100 million!

In addition, some services make a profit by selling your information to companies which results in a flood of prescreened credit or warranty offers we all know as ‘junk mail’.

Credit Monitoring will keep you informed by providing you with 24/7 alerts and an updated Tri-merge Report and ALL 3 Scores every 30 days.   This will show you what creditors are reporting both Positive & Negative to the 3 credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

So use this link below to learn more and enroll in the one I highly recommend and personally use myself:

I have worked out a special price for you!

ONLY $1 for a 7 day trial

then just $21.99 a month thereafter!
(regular $29.99 down & $29.99 a month)

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If you haven’t already enrolled in our services, join the 1,000’s that have already been helped by clicking here: Request a FREE 15 minute Phone Consultation

Remember – it won’t cost you a penny to talk to us, but it will cost you THOUSANDS if you don’t!

Looking forward to changing your financial future!

Lesson #1: Why Credit Monitoring Is So IMPORTANT!!!

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